Who We Are

In Genser Energy

Genser Energy Africa Inc. (Genser Africa) is an Independent Power Producer (IPP) based in the USA with operations in Africa.

Genser Africa specializes in providing custom engineering, turn-key distributed generation energy solutions for mines, industries and utilities. Genser Africa, through its wholly-owned country-level subsidiaries, engages in engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) as well as operation and maintenance (O&M) of its power generation assets, and further sells power and/or steam to clients.

Each project is financed, owned and operated by the appropriate aforementioned country-level subsidiary.

In the last eleven (11) years, Genser Energy Africa Inc., through its subsidiary, Genser Energy Ghana Limited, has completed and commissioned five (5) distributed generation plants in Ghana with a total output of 132MW of which four (4) are owned, operated and maintained by Genser. These include:

GP Bogoso Plant – 36.0MW – Handed over to Golden Star Resources (GSR), Bogoso per the two (2) year Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) agreement with GSR.


GP Unilever Plant – 5.5MW

GP Chirano Plant – 30.0MW

GP Tarkwa Plant – 33.0MW

GP Damang Plant – 27.5MW


In addition to ownership of these distributed generation plants, Genser Energy Ghana has also developed its own fuel supply chain for the smooth running and operation of the various thermal plants. Genser Energy Ghana currently owns two (2) assets to facilitate its objective of the supply and storage of fuel for its generation plants, namely; the GP Tarkoradi Terminal and the GP Kojokrom (Eshiem) Facility.

The GP Takoradi Terminal, located within the Port of Takoradi, is the main delivery point for NGLs that are procured from overseas, namely the USA and Algeria. Currently, all fuel unloading for Genser Africa’s power plants is done via the GP Takoradi Terminal.

Genser is currently expanding its operations in Ghana through a number of key projects:


Increasing the installed capacities at the GP Chirano, GP Tarkwa and GP Damang Plants to combined cycle power plants to increase efficiency of the plants

Improving fuel supply and logistics by building a 254km natural gas pipeline directly to the power plant sites

Renewable Energy development: Small Hydropower on the Tano River and Wind Power in Kwahu South


Genser’s current operations in Ghana reflect our firm commitment in increasing the generation capacity of the country.

At Genser, we apply comprehensive diligence in the various stages of each project, namely; the planning, construction, and operations and maintenance (O&M) of the facility.

Our highly trained staff are well-versed in the delivery of engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) projects.

Our unique approach in delivering energy solutions emphasizes our ability to expressly design, maintain and efficiently operate generation facilities, to the suitability of our Clients and their energy needs.

Genser is committed to providing sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions to numerous sectors across Africa and is exploring projects in Gabon and Mauritania


Our vision is to be the leading energy solution provider in Africa.

Our mission is to:

Develop sustainable energy solutions given the infrastructural constraints in Africa.

Emphasize the training and development of local expertise.

Utilize appropriate technologies in a safe, efficient & reliable manner.


To be fact-based at all times

To understand the importance and practice of good communication

To plan and implement work diligently

To maintain an obligation to disagree