The GP Unilever Facility

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plant

Genser Energy signed a a five (5) year Lease Operations and Maintenance Agreement (LOMA) with Unilever Ghana Limited in 2010 for the construction and operation of  a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plant for the Unilever Ghana Ltd Tema factory; using a Rolls Royce Allison Gas Turbine and an ABCo Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG). The Unilever Facility was designed to produce both electricity and heat in accordance with the  energy requirements of Unilever Ghana Ltd.

The Facility was engineered and constructed to produce up to 5.5MW of power and 20 tons per hour (20tph) of heat.  The GP Unilever Facility was commissioned  in July 2012 whilst operations officially commenced in August 2012 with an efficient team from Genser made up of Shift Engineers, Operators, Technicians and Mechanics, led by an experienced Facility Manager; all thoroughly committed to operating and maintaining the Facility.

The GP Unilever Facility Location