The GP Ghana Pipeline


Genser Ghana relies mainly on Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) to produce electricity from its power plants. The present natural gas market reforms in Ghana, which allows for investment into gas pipeline infrastructure by third parties has spurred the construction of 254km gas pipeline by Genser Ghana.

The gas pipeline will commence from Ghana National Gas Company’s (Ghana Gas) new regulating and metering station in Prestea and will traverse through Tarkwa, Damang Chirano and Nhyinahyin. This project has become necessary as it will provide a stable fuel option and contribute to the sustainability of Genser’s existing power plants especially with the planned expansion.

The pipeline will be built in two (2) Phases within a period of 18 months. Phase I will see the construction of a 12-inch diameter 77km pipeline from Prestea through Tarkwa and Damang, terminating at Genser Ghana’s GP Tarkwa and Damang Plants respectively. An additional 177km (20-inch diameter 158km and 12-inch diameter 19km) pipeline from Preastea through Chirano to Nyinahyin will be implemented for Phase II.

Genser Ghana has already signed both an Interconnection Agreement and a Gas Sales Agreement with Ghana Gas. Genser Ghana also confirmed the pipeline route and commenced the right of way (RoW) acquisition and Environmental Impact Assessment along the pipeline route. The pipeline is expected to deliver a maximum capacity of 13,520,582 Nm3/day.