The GP Chirano Plant

GP Chirano Plant Phase I - Single Cycle

Kinross Gold Corporation is a leading mining company with worldwide operations. Chirano Gold Mine Ltd (CGML) is one of the top performing mines in the Kinross network. CGML expressed interested in Genser Energy in acquiring a stable and reliable power supply to facilitate its mining operations. Genser and CGML signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) in 2011 to supply power to CGML’s mining concession in Chirano located in the Bibiani-Anhwiaso-Bekwai district in the Western Region of Ghana . Shortly after signing the PPA, Genser commenced the construction of the GP Chirano Plant which is designed to be built in two (2) phases.Phase I the GP Chirano Plant, a 30.0MW Steam Turbine Plant in an Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) configuration was commissioned in July 2016 on LPG.  It is made up of four (4) Gasifier units, four (4) Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) and one (1) Steam Turbine Generator (STG). The uniquely designed GP Chirano Plant, is primarily fueled by LPG but also has infrastructure in place to run on coal and waste-to-fuel materials.

GP Chirano Plant Phase II - Combined Cycle

Genser Energy is currently in the process of expanding the GP Chirano Plant. The expansion plans are as follows:

  • Installation of three (3) gas turbines (11MW each) to increase capacity to a 63MW in a CCGT installation
  • Installation of ~12km High Voltage (HV) line will connect the GP Chirano Plant to the Asawinso – Juabeso line included in the NITS

GP Chirano Plant Photos

The GP Chirano Plant Location