The GP Bogoso Plant

Internal Combustion Engine (ICE)

Genser Energy signed a  two (2) year Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) agreement with Golden Star Resources (a mining company operating in Ghana) in 2009. Genser constructed a 30MW ICE power plant on the mining concession of Golden Star Resources in Bogoso in the Western Region of Ghana.

The GP Bogoso Plant  is a Single Cycle Gas Turbine plant comprised of two (2) units of GE Frame 5  gas turbines, each designed to operate as a dual fuel system running on Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO), Kerosene and/or Natural Gas. Power from the GP Bogoso  Plant was transmitted directly to the mine at 33kV and 50Hz.

The GP Bogoso Plant was commissioned in 2010; pursuant to the BOT contract, Genser operated the GP Bogoso Plant for two (2) years (February 2010- February 2012) and transferred ownership of the Plant to Golden Star Resources in 2012.

The GP Bogoso Plant Location