Small Hydropower

Small Hydropower on the Tano River

Genser Energy was awarded a No Objection letter by the Water Resources Commission (WRC) to conduct feasibility studies on the Tano River for the development of a small hydropower plant. Genser commenced pre-feasibility studies in the first week of June and is expected to complete these studies by the end of 2018. Pre-feasibility investigations have identified Asantekrom, Kotochi, and Asankran Oda as potential sites for small hydropower. Genser aims to develop one or multiple hydropower facilities at these locations with a total installed capacity of 40MW. All sites are within close proximity to the Sobukrom and Moseaso sites approved by the WRC. Feasibility studies will be conducted jointly with a technical partner at the start of 2019 to develop engineering design and determine the number of dams that will be constructed. Upon successful completion of the feasibility study, Genser will construct the run-of-river plant over the course of two (2) years and to connect the plant with the existing national grid.