Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle

An Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) Plant is a clean coal and biomass technology that involves the gasification of coal and/or biomass to produce synthetic natural gas, which is then used as fuel in turbines.

Gasification is a thermo-chemical process that breaks down carbon-based feedstock (such as coal and biomass) into basic chemical constituents by exposing the feedstock to steam, while carefully controlling the amounts of oxygen under high temperatures.

ThIs results in partial oxidation. Under these conditions, molecules in the feedstock break apart, initiating chemical reactions that produce Synthetic Natural Gas or simply Syngas. The Syngas is then cleaned of its impurities and fired in a Turbine (Gas or Steam turbine) to generate electricity. Syngas fired in a gas turbine generator to produce electricity produces heat from the exhaust.

This heat and some of the heat generated in the gasification process can be used to generate steam for use in a steam turbine generator to produce additional electricity in a combined cycle.

The environmental benefits of gasification stem from the capability to achieve extremely low SOx, NOx and particulate emissions from burning coal-derived gases. For industrial clients who demand IGCC Plants, Genser  can install between 15.0 to 90.0MW of power. The flow process illustration below describes the Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Plant.