Internal Combustion Engine

An internal Combustion Engine (ICE) is a well-known technology used in automobiles, trucks, construction equipment, marine propulsion, and backup power applications where very high power-to-weight ratios are required. ICEs appear in the form of combustion turbines.

The ICE Plant which is also a Simple Cycle Combustion Turbine has only one power cycle. Unlike the operation of a Combined Cycle power plant, the operation of an ICE power plant makes no provision for waste heat recovery. The primary advantage of this plant is the high power generated to weight (or size) ratio, when compared to alternatives and the ability of the engines or turbines to reach full power at a quick rate. The actual construction process for ICE power plants can take as little as several weeks to a few months, compared to years for base load power plants. Genser usually installs the ICE plants for industry clients who demand between 17 to 40MW of power.