Genser’s CSR Initiative

Genser Energy

Genser’s CSR Initiative

Genser Energy sees itself as not only a business entity, but also a part of the local communities we operate in. The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of Genser Energy relates to the ethical and legal behavior by Genser in these communities. We strive to build good relations with members and representatives of the various municipalities Genser Energy has become a part of.

Through beneficial activities, that fit into the Vision and Mission of our company, we are able to successfully engage and cooperate with potential and current stakeholders. Our numerous community engagement activities we host, enables us to build a bond and a sense of solidarity with the locals of our respective communities. Some of these activities are:


Training of locals to work in our operation area

Donations to local community projects and organizations

Frequent youth career and empowerment workshops


Genser is committed to supporting employment in the local communities and fostering an organizational culture of accountability and transparency all of which strengthens the Genser family and increases productivity.