Gabon Operations

Gabon Overview

Genser Energy’s vision is to be the leading energy service provider in Africa and is well on the path to achieve this vision. Genser seeks to harness the potential of emerging energy markets in Africa and identified Gabon as a key emerging energy market with immense potential. Based on a positive results from a feasibility studies conducted by Genser Energy, the company has adopted its business model in Gabon and has high hopes of becoming successful in that region.

Gabon is country that expects large growth in energy demand as its economy expands. The Government of Gabon has adopted a policy of encouraging independent investment under a build operate and transfer (BOT) model for power plants and natural gas pipelines to meet the country’s anticipated demand.

GP Owendo, GP Ntoum and Natural Gas Pipeline

Genser Energy signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Société de Patrimoine Gabon (SPG) for the development two (2) combined cycle gas turbine plants in two locations in the capital, Libreville.

The power plants (GP Owendo and GP Ntoum) will primarily run on Natural Gas from Port-Gentil, the hub of the petroleum industry. Genser Energy will build a pipeline from Port Gentil to the location of each power plant. The electric power produced from these plants will be put on the national grid.

Genser Energy will operate and maintain both the pipeline and the power plants for a contracted number of years and transfer the assets to SPG after the of the termination of the contract period. Genser Energy has since began negotiations for both Concession and Power Purchase Agreements.