Fuel Offloading Facility

GP Takoradi Terminal

The GP Takoradi Terminal is a Fuel Offloading Facility situated at the Ghana Ports and Harbour Authority (GPHA) Port of Takoradi. This terminal is one part of Genser’s comprehensive fuel supply and logistics system.

  • Operations of the GP Takoradi Terminal involve the following:
  • Unloading of LPG from an offshore vessel at the Takoradi Port unto a shuttle vessel;
  • Loading of Bulk Road Vehicles (BRVs) by shuttle vessel onshore of the Takoradi Port;
  • Transportation/haulage of LPG from the Takoradi Port to the Eshiem Storage Facility and power plant sites.

Each cargo of fuel from the Mother Ship contains about 30,000 Metric Tons of LPG. The Mother ship anchors offshore at the Takoradi port every sixty (60) days. 4,500MT of LPG is then offloaded simultaneously by shuttle vessels into the BRVs.

Genser operates and maintains the Facility directly with its own staff.

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