The GP Tarkwa Plant

Simple Cycle Gas Turbine Plant

Genser Energy Ghana Limited signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with GoldFields Ghana Limited for the delivery of up to 40.0MW of power for their Tarkwa gold mine in Ghana. Accordingly,  Genser has installed Gas Turbine Power Plant to provide consistent and reliable power for the Tarkwa mine’s operations.

The  GP Tarkwa Plant is located  on the mining concession of Gold Fields Tarkwa gold mine in the Tarkwa Nsuaem District of the Western Region of Ghana. The Plant is made up of three (3)  x Solar Mars 100 gas turbines each with a capacity of 11.0MW. Each gas turbine is fueled with LPG (99% Propane).

The GP Tarkwa Plant was commissioned November 2016 and commenced operations thereafter.

The GP Tarkwa Plant is directly connected to an existing 11kV line that runs between the GP Tarkwa Plant and the Tarkwa gold mine, and runs in parallel to the grid.

In February 2018, Genser commissioned a Solar Titan 130 gas turbine with a capacity of 15MW to increase capacity to 48MW.

Genser is the process of upgrading the GP Tarkwa Plant from single cyce to combined cycle with the addition of a steam turbine.