The GP Damang Plant

Simple Cycle Gas Turbine Plant

Genser signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Gold Fields Ghana Limited for the delivery of up to 20MW of power to Gold Fields’ mining concession in Damang, located in the Prestea- Huni Valley District of the Western Region of Ghana.

The GP Damang Plant is made up of five (5) units of Centrax CX501 KB7S gas turbines with each unit generating up to  5.5MW of power. The Plant runs with four (4) units at a time with remaining one unit as backup. Each unit is fully containerized to include all auxiliaries, which greatly improved the speed at which they were installed.

The GP Damang Plant currently runs on Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and deliver power to the Damang mine on an 11kV overhead line, in island mode.

The Plant was commissioned for Abosso Goldfield Ltd’s Damang mine in November 2016 and commenced operations thereafter.

Genser intends to expand the current capacity of the GP Damang Plant  with  the addition of a Steam Turbine to modify the Plant’s configuration to combined cycle.


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