About Us

Who We Are

Genser Energy is an independent power producer (IPP) based in Ghana. We

provide sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions to numerous sectors

across Africa. Genser’s current operations in Ghana reflect our firm

commitment in increasing the generation capacity of the country. At Genser,

we apply comprehensive diligence in the various stages of each project,

namely; the planning, construction, and operations and maintenance (O&M)

of the facility. Our highly trained staff are well-versed in the delivery of

engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) projects.  Our unique

approach in delivering energy solutions emphasizes our ability to expressly

design, maintain and efficiently operate generation facilities, to the suitability

of our Clients and their energy needs.


Our vision is to be the leading energy solution provider in Africa.


Our mission is to:

  • Develop sustainable energy solutions given the infrastructural constraints in Africa;
  • Emphasize the training and development of local expertise; and
  • Utilize appropriate technologies in a safe, efficient & reliable manner.
  • To be fact-based at all times
  • To understand the importance and practice of good communication
  • To plan and implement work diligently
  • To maintain an obligation to disagree